ARISTOTELIAN THINKING IMPACT in the Technological Evolution and Social Progress

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15 th NETTIES Conference (Network Entities) in ATHENS, GREECE

IPiraeus University of Applied Sciences (P.U.A.S) and International Association for eScience (IAFeS) co organize the International Scientific Conference May 4 – 6 2017 P.U.A.S. Conference Center Petrou Ralli and Thivon 250 Athens, Greece

The year 2016 UNESCO celebrated the 2400th anniversary from Aristotle’s birth as “Aristotle’s Anniversary Year”. It was important to promote intellectual and cultural heritage of the whole world and the contribution of the Aristotelian Thinking in the Technological Evolution and Social Progress.
Main topics:
§  Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
§  Social impact of ICT evolution
§  Networking for Education
§  Social Networking and Prosperity

Conference Program

Thursday, 4 May 2017

1. Introduction Session /Plenary Session Location: Conference Room A Chair: D. Tseles – V. Panagou – J. Günther Welcome Speech from Professor L. Vryzidis, Rector of P.U.A.S.
1.1 “Aristotle and Alexander: from Logic to Politcs”, Associate Professor Syropoulos S., (Vice Rector of International Relations, Student Affairs and Alumni, University of the Aegean).
1.2 Aristotle, Beauty and Multisensory Imagery in Modern Times”, Professor Michailidis S., (Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Webster University Athens.)
1.3 “Theory of Science: Αn Aristotelian approach”, Professor Emeritus Karasmanis V., (Dept. of Humanities Social Sciences and Law, National Technical University of Athens.)
1.4 “Aristotelian thinking vs. Artificial Intelligence”, Bratengeyer E., (E-Learning Center, Danube University Krems) * Coffee Break Time: 11:45 – 12:00 

2. Innovation Session, Location: Conference Room A, Chair: E. Bratengeyer.– R. Vasiu – M. Papoutsidakis
2.1 “Block Chain – The Technology behind Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Internet of Values.”, Edelmann F., (IAFeS Board).
2.2 “Oulu – new rise after Nokia Mobile Phones.”, Kimari R.
2.3 “Lakunarity – the bridging mobility”, Günther J.
2.4 “Update on Drones Technology and live demo with the DJI Mavic drone”, Edelmann F.
2.5 “Knowledge, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning: Some Aspects for Discussion”, Orange G. * Coffee Break Time: 13:45 – 14:00 

3. ICT Session, Chair: P. Yannakopoulos – G. Koch – Ch. Patrikakis
3.1 “ICT and the peripatetic school: A contemporary approach”, Yannakopoulos P. – Lazaris A. – Giannakopoulos H.
3.2 “The AUTEX Network”, Priniotakis G.
3.3 “ICT Technology and 21st Century Learning”, Kalemis K. – Kostarelou A.
3.4 “Implications of Aristotelian theory on ICT”, Kolokythas G.
3.5 “Social Health Avatar: a Social Network Platform for anonymous health-related interaction between users and professionals”, Delikaris A. – Kogias D. – Kagkas D. – Patrikakis Ch.
3.6 “Design and implementation of an indoors navigation system based on the use of autonomous intelligent vehicles”, Moustakas D. – Patrikakis Ch.
3.7 “Computer Vision Applications in Service Robots”, Koikas D. – Nikolaou G.
3.8 “The quest for credible earthquake precursors: the case of fracture-induced electromagnetic emissions”, Potirakis S. – Contoyiannis Y. – Eftaxias K. – Nomicos C.
3.9 “Aristoteles mechanics and ICT: Z generation’s beneficial participation in political and social procedures”, Papanikou M.J. – Giannigiorgi L. – Kyriakou E. – Yannakopoulos P.
3.10 “Privacy As An Influential Factor On Wearable Computing Adoption”, Yfantis V. – Tseled D.
* Cocktail Party Time: 19:00 Location: Cultural Center of Webster University Athens 5 Markou Avriliou Street, 10556 Athens A Wine and Cheese Gathering at the foot of Acropolis, offered by Webster University Athens

Friday, 5 May 2017

4. Netties for Education Session, Chair: Y. Psaromiligkos Y. – Kimari R. – Zelemenou M. M..
4.1 “New paradigms and approaches in Learning: Abstractions from the European Leonardo Learning Award”, Koch G.
4.2 “Enhancing students’ relationship to the world in higher education – An exploration supported by Aristotle’s Book VI of the Nicomachean Ethics”, Aastrup W. – Rott G
4.3 “Music in Aristotelian System of Education”, Zelemenou M. M.
4.4 “Redesigning e-Learning Courses: A Student-centered Approach”, Kytagias C. – Psaromiligkos Y. – Dimakos G.
4.5 “The social and economic impact of technology: 8 digital skills we must teach our children”, Kalemis K.
4.6 “Applying Inquiry Based Science Education & Modern Assessment Techniques in Classroom: A Case Study in Primary School”, Themeli Α. – Stefanidis G. -Psaromiligkos Y.
4.7 “The process of education in determining the role the internet plays in showcasing the countries cultural policies. A field study”, Boulouta K. -Karagiannis G.
4.8 “What Can Technology do for Tomorrow’s Children?”, Kalemis K.
4.9 “Identifying Risk Factors of Students’ Failure in e-Learning Courses”, Gewrgakopoulos I. – Kytagias C. – Psaromiligkos Y. -Chalikias M. – Voudouri – Artiki A.
4.10 “Quality Analysis of the External Evaluation Reports for PUAS”, Sigala M. – Tseles D.

5. Social Impact Session, Chair: S. Sfekas – F. Edelmann – G. Priniotakis
5.1 “Aristotelian Fundamentals of the Practice of Knowledge and Information”, Sfekas S.
5.2 “Greek Patent Protection System and the impact on Information Technology Industry”, Zografakis E. – Hwang J.
5.3 “Demola – Link for Co-Creation”, Silvén P.
5.4 “E-Government initiatives in taxation field and the protection of personal data”, Bousli E. – Filippou D.
5.5 “Collaborating University and Business Networks Fostering Rapid Value Creation”, Lähdeniemi M.- Mertanen O. – Laine K.
5.6 “Evaluation of Greek penal provisions on hacking (survey data of 2013) – The opinion of hackers and jurists which led to the change of the cybercrime laws in Greece”, Spyropoulos F.
5.7 “Aristotle at the Googleplex: On the Virtuous Use of eScience”, Conradie K.
5.8 “Hospitality Industry and Innovative technology for People with disabilities: the case of the island of Rhodes, Greece”, Theocharis N. – Lagos D. – Tseles D. – Klada N.
5.9 “Crime Indicators-Based Information System in Public and Judicial Management”, Kouziokas G.N.

6. Automation Session, Chair: D. Cantzos – D. Pyromalis – S. Potirakis
6.1 “Fractal Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation Signals for the Detection of Preseismic Anomalies”, Cantzos D. – Nikolopoulos D. – Petraki E. – Yannakopoulos P. – Nomicos C.
6.2 “Energy Optimization in cloud based Infrastructures”, Karkazis P. – Voulkidis A. – Tseles D.
“Artificial neural Networks in Forecasting Key Air Pollutant Factors in Public and Environmental Management”, Kouziokas G.N. – Chatzigeorgiou A. – Perakis K.
6.3 “Generic IT Platform Hosted on Mobile Devices for Automated Logistics and Management Processes”, Apostolakis C. – Symeonaki E. – Papoutsidakis M. – Tseles D.
6.4 “Automated Braking System to Increase Passengers Protection on Modern Public Railway Networks”, Kalathas I. – Smyrnaiou G. – Papoutsidakis M. – Tseles D.
6.5 “A Study and Implementation of an Automated and Integrated System to Support Home Electrical Power and Heating”, Michailidis C. – Symeonaki E. – Pyromalis D. – Tseles D.
6.6 “Automation Engineering for Residential Infrastructures Applications Aiming At Its Bioclimatic Upgrade”, Trimi C. – Sigala M. – Papoutsidakis M. – Tseles D.
6.7 “A Study of Design and Implementation of a Telematics System for Control and Data Transfer for Road Transportations”, Papadopoulos P. – Smyrnaiou G. – Drosos C. – Tseles D.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

General Assembly of IAFeS