Welcome to IAFeS!

The history of IAFES goes back to 1994 when our scientific searches and ideas in the field of Telematics, such as Teleducation – Telework – Teleconference – Telemedicine, brought into contact colleagues from European Institutes and Universities.

The association, whose activity is not directed towards profit, aims:

  • to promote the development, education and research in the area of eScience:
    Information and communications technology (ICT), telecommunications, e-learning, emedia, e-commerce, e-government, e-democracy, e-culture, e-health;
  • promotion of young researchers in these areas;
  • offering an exchange platform for experts;
  • offering an international co-operation platform.

IAFES’s activities undertaken until now are various: it has organized several annual International Conferences on Networking Entities (Netties), workshops, intensive courses, Summer Schools and Summer Universities.

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