NETTIES 2024 – The deadline has been extended

The deadline for sending the abstract of your presentation has been extended until May 15th, 2024.

The NETTIES 2024 conference also invites you to a workshop on AI, presented by Dr. Diana Andone, with the preliminary details as follows:

Subject: Ideas for the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming Higher Education

Generative AI holds immense potential and dangers to transform education, revolutionizing the way we educate, learn, and engage with knowledge. The transformation brought by Generative AI into higher education has driven educators to rethink and adjust methods of teaching and evaluation, as well as to acquire new skills and adapt to an evolving digital ecosystem. What skills will be expected from educators and students in the future? How can generative AI be used creatively by educators and students? How can Generative AI enhance the creativity and critical thinking of both students and educators or to be included into curriculum? How open education and science practices are changed by GAI? Several experiments which showcase the integration of the use of GAI into project development and assessment on different subjects in education and research will be presented from both educators and students’ perspectives.

Duration: about 1h 30’

Preliminary date: Thursday 23 May, morning, time tbd.

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