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Access to Knowledge in the 21st Century

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16 th NETTIES Conference 2018 (Network Entities) of IAFeS at Corfu, Greece in May 3rd – 5th 2018.

The subject was: "Access to Knowledge in the 21st Century - the Interplay of Society, Education, ICT, and Philosophy" . We gave a view from many scientific fields like Law, Ethics, Philosophy, Psychology, Economy, and Engineering.

Target groups

Academics, business and education

These target groups will start a dialogue under the umbrella of the conference title 

Local Organizing Committee

  • George Bouchagiar (Head)

  • Roubini Oikonomidou

  • Maria Nikita

  • Maria Papaioannou

  • Anastasia Michailaki

  • Katerina Tzali

  • Eleni Vouligea

  • Vivky Ganatsiou

Program Committee

  • Maria Bottis, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece

  • Konstantinos Kalemis, National Center for Local Government and Public Administration, Greece

  • Graham Organge, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK and

  • Erwin Bratengeyer, Danube University Krems, Austria

Event location

The conference will take place at the old Reading Society of Corfu.

It is the oldest and most prestigious Reading  Society in Greece.



Day 1
03 May 2018
Day 2
04 May 2018
Day 3
05 May 2018
10:45 – 11:15

Coffee Break

12:30 – 13:30



Closing of the Conference


Excursion 1 – Ionian University tour


Excursion 2 – Corfu City Tour

The IAFeS board:

Panos Yannakopoulos, Risto Kimari, Dimitrios Tseles, Erwin Bratengeyer, Günter Koch, Anastasios Tzerachohlou, Radu Vasiu, Johann Günther (from left to right)